What is iGetwind

iGetwind is a worldwide wind/wave/tide software to display forecasts model data on a webpage. It was built to help kitesurfers, windsurfers and sailors to rapidly evaluate multiple forecast models for different locations.

You will find the following forecasts from NOAA USA, weather.gc.ca Canada, DWD Germany and météo France:

  • wind forecast for North America : HRRR 3km, NAM 3km, HRDPS 2.5km (LAM), NAM 12km, GFS 27km, ICON 13km
  • wind forecast for Europe : AROME 1km, COSMO-D2 3km, GFS 27km, ICON 13km
  • wind forecast for the world : GFS 27km, ICON 13km
  • local tide charts for USA (East-West coast) and Canada (all coats) (send me an email if you want local tide charts around your area)
  • global TPXO tide calculation for the world
  • wave forecast for North America : WW3 8km, WW3 19km
  • wave forecast for the rest of the world : WW3 50km
  • kitesurf/windsurf spots from users
  • users comment on forecast and knowledge about spots

iGetwind also allow worldwide users to share evaluation of wind forecasts and knowledge about water access by adding comments and new spot to the website.

Why I built iGetwind

What is a weather forecast model

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